Kings Peak FKT Attempt

I started at 6:05am on the 28th July 2014 from the Henrys Fork car park to reach Kings Peak and return to the car park.

Here are my splits:

Henrys Fork Car park 6:05am

Elkhorn Crossing (bridge) 52mins

Gunsight Pass 1:43

Andersons Pass (via short cut to the right 15m over Gunsight pass) 2:12

Kings Peak Summit (via a horrible line!) 2:33

Ran off the summit (yes, I took in the views for a while) 2:37

Andersons Pass 2:56

Gunsight Pass 3:21

Elkhorn Crossing (bridge) 4:01

Henrys Fork Car park (10:53am) 4:47:56

Give or take 40.5km, 1240m vertical gain and loss.

I believe this is the overall FKT on this route.


8 thoughts on “Kings Peak FKT Attempt

  1. Congrats on the FKT. I host a fun-run called Quest for King’s in August and historical attempts at the FKT have been done there. I believe the previous best time was less than one minute from yours, 4:48:something, done by Aaron Kennard of Boulder, CO. Monster effort. I read your splits and it all adds up perfectly (I’ve done the peak 11 times, 4 as part of the Triple Crown) if you are going to nail the FKT. Huge congrats, that’s awesome.

  2. So I have hiked Kings Peak a couple times but would really like to make a run to the top in a few weeks if I can get a couple nagging injuries to heal and if it doesn’t get snow before I get a chance. Have you posted the GPS data up somewhere from your FKT, it would be nice to see distances/elevation gain as I don’t remember exactly how far it was to the top.

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